The Kids Sew Too Club by Lois

The Kids Sew Too Club by Lois

My name is Lois and I am 5 and I am a Brand Ambassador for Little Miss Sew 'n' Sew for the Kids Sew Too Club!

Today I made these fun juggling bags. 

You need to read these instructions and watch Nikola's video then cut our your fabrics and stitch them together with the front touching.  Get a Mummy to help you if you get stuck.

I liked poking out the corners with a pencil and making a funnel for the rice to go in.

My Mum showed me how to do a special stitch with a needle and thread so the rice won't come out.  Be careful, needles are sharp.

This was fun and I helped my big brother Henry make some too!  Now we are both learning to juggle!

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