The September fat Quarter Box by Sam @SammyScrunchies4

Sam from @SammyScrunchies4 here with my September Guilty Pleasure Fat Quarter subscription box. 
Oh my!!! These fabrics are probably my favourite yet. The "Honey Bee" collection from Lewis & Irene is amazing. The prints are absolutely gorgeous and definitely on my shopping list from @little miss sew n sew. 
This months sew is a patchwork cushion cover. I'm really excited for this sew. Not something I've sewn before and has huge possibility for gifts to styling my own home. 
I started with cutting and mounting on card (a cereal box!) The pattern. One rectangular shape, one square and one large rectangle pattern that clearly states needs to be cut on the fold. 
Once all my pieces of fabric were cut out. I started to arrange my shapes according to the colour instruction sheet. This was easy to follow and straight forward. 
Useful tip... you can have some of the rectangle pieces vertical in your final cushion cover pattern.. so think and plan before cutting out your pieces. You need to consider the directional grain of the fabric. One of the fabrics included in the box has honey hives printed. I steamed ahead and cut all my rectangular pieces horizontally so obviously couldn't turn this fabric vertically. 
Just turn your pattern first before drawing and cutting your fabric so your honey hive is always the right way up!! 
Three pieces (one rectangular and two square) would make up a square and there were to be four squares in total. A helpful tip on the instructions told me to take a photo of my arranged pieces that would make up the front panel. Great tip!! As once you start to lift the pieces to sew have a visual reference to help you. 
I was a little confused that my rectangle piece was shorter than my two squares put together. I did start to panic thinking I'd made a mistake! Of course.. you need to allow for the two squares to be sewn together .. aka a seam allowance! 
Sewing the correct sides is easy if you've laid your squares out before hand. Then these two squares sew onto your rectangle! 
You need your iron handy as each seam needs to be pressed open. So just set yourself up before you start and keep your iron handy. Once you have your four completed squares. You then sew them together to make one big square.. the front panel. 
The instructions have photos included. So it's super easy to follow and I was surprised at the end result. The two back panels are again very easily sewn on yet the finish look is really professional and makes you look like an advanced machinist! 
My daughter popped into see me and noticed my new cushion cover immediately and was gushing over how beautiful it was!! 
Another sensational fat quarter box from honestly these boxes are well thought out. Stunning fabrics and a chocolate treat! What's not to like!
I'm already looking forward to October's box!!
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