The Patchwork and Quilting Club - by Caroline

The Patchwork and Quilting Club - by Caroline

My name is Caroline and I've been sewing since I was little. I only started sewing patchwork in the last few years. I started off watching YouTube videos and then just throwing my self in at the deep end! Since then I've attended a few classes and a block of the month class at my local fabric store.

When the opportunity came up for a brand ambassador with Little Miss Sew 'n' Sew I jumped at the chance. I am really excited I was selected and the anticipation of receiving my first subscription box was off the charts. When I saw that little blue sticker on the box I knew exactly what had just arrived. The packaging is great and the contents even better. Four fat eighths of the Hannah's Flowers collection, a fat quart of the background bumble berries, a full colour booklet with all the cutting and assembly guides for 3 different variations, a matching thread and a sweet treat.

It's not just the box though, there are online tutorials that talk you through everything you need to know. I would never have thought to check my quarter inch foot actually made a quarter inch seam. I trusted my machine manufacturer to provide the right tool and for it to just work. I thoroughly recommend you check your seam before starting this block.

I've also joined the dedicated Facebook group. Everyone seems so helpful and the blocks being sewn all look amazing. Everyone is very supportive of their fellow sewists, I'm happy there is a friendly place to share my blocks, and also get help if I ever get stuck.

I'm doing the level 1 patchwork and quilting subscription box. Block 1 is the log cabin block. I have never done a log cabin before, though I have looked at many quilts that use log cabins and they are stunning! I looked through the leaflet and watched each video and decided to make the second variation.

I'm a bit upset I managed to cut myself cutting out the first strip for the block, but after the plaster was applied I carried on, being much more careful about where my rotary blade was. The block went together relatively easy and I love how it looks.

I'm hoping though the subscription box and this blog to expand my knowledge and skill at patchwork and quilting, so I decided I would also attempt the 3rd variation, the curved log cabin. This one is more difficult because some of the pieces are much smaller and you need to be very accurate in stitching your quarter inch seam. Well, mine isn't perfect! It gave me experience of cutting and sewing much smaller pieces. Warning! They are fiddly. I think next time I would maybe use some pins to help them stay in place as I found they moved a bit more when being sewn to the larger pieces of fabric.

All in all I think this has been a successful block. The main block, variation 2, has come out brilliantly. I'm very happy with it. As for variation 3, I've learnt some valuable lessons about handling small pieces of fabric. I feel a bit more confident in cutting and sewing smaller pieces and I can't wait to get my teeth into the next block. Maybe next time without cutting myself!

Thanks for reading, Caroline.

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