The Learn to Sew Club - Month 3 - By Elizabeth

The Learn to Sew Club - Month 3 - By Elizabeth

It’s month 3 and I have to say this has been my favourite project yet! This month project was to create a wash bag and the choice of fabric was once again fantastic with a fabulous theme! I had a hard time choosing but then I realised I could always always make a second one as there is plenty there and these boxes are very generous with fabric and I like the fact I get a choice.

I learned how to sew in a zip and using a thicker interfacing this month. I found Nikola's videos easy to follow and she explains herself well. I have noticed with each box an extra item has been put in that we do not necessarily need for the months project but it is great as I am building my sewing tool kit, for example the first box I got a tape measure, second box tailors pencil and now the third a pair of very handy scissors to cut loose threads.  These little extras are definitely handy to have and to keep for my personal  future projects.

I am so pleased with the final outcome of my wash bag that I have decided to make many more for Christmas presents. I am definitely looking forward to next month project already. The best thing about these sewing boxes was before I thought 'how could I do that' and now I am thinking 'wow I have achieved this'. A great past time for achieving new skills and making beautiful things.

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