The Learn to Sew Club - Month 2 - By Elizabeth

The Learn to Sew Club - Month 2 - By Elizabeth

Learn to Sew - Month 2

The Brown box with the blue sticker arrived once again! I ripped open to see this months project and best of all what lovely fabrics is hiding within. This months project was a napkin with a napkin ring and the material theme were hummingbirds.

In this months box there were a choice of three fabrics to choose from, the paper pattern, interfacing and a handy white fabric pencil and of course a button.

I found this project quite easy I followed Nikola online tutorial and found it very helpful. The only thing I couldn’t complete on the machine was the button hole. As my sewing machine was second hand from Facebook market place I did not have this attachment. However i hand stitched instead although it is not as neat as the sewing machine i still accomplished with my button hole as i completed it. On the online tutorial Nikola mentions a handy little hem guide made from a box, I used the cardboard from the box in which it came and made a one centimetre and a two centimetre line to measure out my hem and found this to be a fantastic tip.

This box teaches you new skills which are mitred corners, how to apply interfacing and also buttons and button holes. Overall I’m pleased with this project and looking forward to next months.

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