Sewing the Jalie Patterns Softshell Jacket by Vikki

Sewing the Jalie Patterns Softshell Jacket by Vikki

I was gifted this pretty Softshell fabric and Jalie Softshell Jacket pattern and made my daughter this little rain jacket.

Softshell is easy to cut and glides through the machine. It's actually very easy to work with so if your considering a Softshell project then do!

I especially loved the top stitching on this sew it really makes it stand out and I found it quite therapeutic to sew.

Light weight and rainproof perfect for those days where there may just be a light shower or chill in the air. This will be perfect for when the evenings get chilly as its fleece lined and snuggly too. My daughter loves it!

Little Miss Sew n Sew have a few Softshell fabrics available which work well with this pattern and the Waves and Wild Woodland Wanderer which I adore. Both patterns are available from their website.

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