Learn to Sew - Month 4 - by Elizabeth

Learn to Sew - Month 4 - by Elizabeth

The Learn to Sew Club 

Box four has arrived and it felt like Christmas morning. I opened to find this months project was a drawstring bag. This project will definitely come in handy over Christmas and birthdays as a plastic free way to wrap presents that are reusable. The pattern was surprisingly easy to follow and you can definitely adjust the size of the pattern for future projects to make bigger or smaller bags if desired but then again the drawstring bag is surprisingly a good size.

Once again Nikola videos are super easy to follow but if you cannot access the video for what ever reason there is a written instruction guide which works just as well. I used the safety pin method to thread my ribbon into the draw string which was oddly satisfying to do. The fabrics were a beautiful choice and theme. The one I did not use I will definitely make my little boy something with. This months tool kit was a lovely wheel of dress making pins that are large and easy to use and very handy.

The thing i like most about the learn to sew boxes is they are great for beginners like me. They are straight forward, easy to follow and builds my beginner sewing tool kit. I now have four lovely patterns I can reuse at any time to make more projects and also with every box you get left over fabric that can be used for your own projects too. I found with the previous month project I managed to make plenty for gifts and now I got another lovely pattern this month to make more meaningful handmade gifts.

I definitely feel I have benefited from the learn to sew box as each box has a different method of sewing for example button placement to inserting a zip and the use of interfacing which has expanded my skills. Also how to use a simple pattern these boxes are a great starter tool and would even make someone a nice gift to have monthly a new box to discover a new sewing skill. I definitely recommend these boxes, they are super hands on and I thoroughly enjoy them.

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