Christmas stocking free sewing pattern

Christmas Stocking - FREE pattern and instructions

  • This is a free PDF pattern that can be printed on your home computer.  You can download the pattern by clicking HERE

You can use any fabrics from your own stash - you will need;

Half metre of quilting weight fabric

Half metre of lining fabric / calico

6 inches ribbon



Or - you can buy the complete pack of materials for £8.00 by clicking HERE

Before you start - Print out your pattern pieces at 100% and piece together with tape.

Fold your main fabric in half lengthways, right sides together and cut around the stocking template so that you have two pieces, mirror image. Cut two pieces from the lining fabric – I use calico as it’s sturdy and helps hold the stocking shape. Cut two cuffs.


Fold a cuff piece in half and press.  Open it up, the top half is where you will applique the name.

Use an iron to attach the bondaweb to the wrong side of the fabric you are using for the applique letters - the glue is the rough side of the bondaweb and must be touching the wrong side of the fabric, the heat will melt the glue to make it stick.

Either print letters from a computer or draw the letters to the bondaweb - this can either be an initial or a complete name.  As this is the back of the fabric, the letters must be drawn back to front.

Cut the letters out and gently peel the paper backing leaving the glue.  Arrange the letters on the top half of the cuff pice.  Place a damp cloth on top and use an iron to stick the letters to the fabric.

Use either a running stitch or blanket stitch around the edge of each of the letters to secure in place.

Making the Stocking


Firstly, decide which way you would like your stocking to hang and with right sides together, attach the cuff piece with the appliqued name to the front stocking piece.

With right sides together, attach the lining piece to the other end of the cuff so that when opened out, you will have one ling piece like this.

Press your seams to the middle. 

Repeat with the other cuff piece, the back stocking piece and the lining.

Place the back piece on top of the front piece, right sides together and lining up the seams to the cuff pieces.

Use a 6 inch piece of ribbon and make it in to a loop as shown.

Place it between the lining layers on the heel side of the stocking.

Using the above diagram as a guide, pin the loop inside the layers, lining up where the lining meets the cuff.

Pin the stocking pieces together before you start sewing.

Using a 1cm seam allowance, starting the sewing at the sole of the lining, sew all the way around - as you approach the cuff, gradually move the seam allowance to 0.5cm as this helps the cuff to fit nicely over the stocking.  You need to leave a gap of about 10cm in the sole of the lining in order to turn it all through.

To make sure your curves lie flat, clip the seams at the curve, or use pinking shears to trim the seams.  Turn the stocking through the hole in the lining and press it all flat.

Top stitch the hole closed.  Push the lining inside the stocking , give it all another good press and then fold the cuff over to reveal the loop and the appliqued name.

If Santa has lots of gifts to fill in the stocking the cuff can be folded up to fit more in!!

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